Editorial Reviews

"Move over self-pity, there's a new voice in town. For everyone who views people with disabilities as incapacitated or impaired, this book will take your preconceived ideas, put them in a blender with champagne, and raise a glass to all life has to offer."--Lori Nichols, author-illustrator of the award-winning picture book Maple.

"Perseverance, discipline and determination have shaped the life of Bob Lujano. To learn about his journey and to be in his presence is to more fully understand the true meaning of inspiration, hope, faith, and joy and above all, the love of life."
--Jennifer Chandler Stevenson, 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist, Diving

"Bob Lujano is an amazing guy. His story is equal parts heartwarming, horrifying, amazing, and inspiring. Everyone should read it."
--Lou Anders, Hugo Award Winner

"Bob Lujano is a remarkable man. He lived through intense abuse, neglect and prejudice long before he contracted the infection that would take his arms and legs. Most people couldn't suffer through half his struggles without succumbing to despair. But Bob's faith, hope and love are the secret to a victorious and beautiful life. His book brought me to tears. I'm privileged to call him a friend."
--David Anders, Ph.D, Host of EWTN Open Line

"Bob's story and indomitable spirit are absolutely what make him one of the most uniquely inspirational people I've ever met. I will never stop being grateful for his example and all he and Tara have taught me through this incredible story."
--MIck Silva, Editor, "For a higher purpose"

"Bob teaches us all a critical life lesson, that our true self and the source of human goodness lies in our mind, character, and spirit. His story also raises the importance of family in those good events, and the traumatic events, that shape our lives. Bob's refusal to let his physical state define him as a person is something we can and should all learn from." -Jeff Underwood, President, Lakeshore Foundation

"It has been such a joy and privilege to read this book. I know that I am forever changed. The story was moving and hit deeply on many levels. I loved the different voices used and the way you brought your experience and perspectives to light. It was vulnerable and so helpful for me in seeing myself. Well done."
--Lena Giron, Copyeditor

"Most people will read this book and see Bob's life situation, filled with the day-to-day challenges of performing everyday tasks (as a quad amputee)...but this is a tiny element of the  more important aspect of his life. Bob's journey has taken him to places most will never see. His amazing insight into the world of darkness and light, it's very contrast, will deeply move you."
--Dr. James Rimmer






      After suffering abuse, abandonment, and four amputations at the age of nine, Bob Lujano requested to remain alive. In a coma clinging to life, Lujano, wrapped like a mummy, sat up. A visitor stood at the end of his bed and gave him the choice to live or go to heaven. Staring ahead like a zombie, Lujano gave an unthinkable answer: “I don’t care what state my body is in. I want to live. I have things to do.” His decision was granted. From that day on, he fought to live a full life of independence like everyone else.

The National Enquirer called him a “gutsy kid… [who] beats the odds."  Larry King said Lujano and his teammates were “inspirational” because they wouldn’t trade their disability. In fact, Bob does not consider himself to be disabled because he is able to live, work, drive, date, and cook just like the rest of us; independent without caretakers.

In an age where image is everything and people are discounted for the way they look, Lujano crashes stereotypes and demands the reader to live their life with everything they’ve got. This inspirational story of redemption is no woe-is-me story; Lujano chooses gratitude in the fact that he gets to live and invites others to do the same.